Join us Wednesday, September 16th at Noon for this exciting and inspirational twenty-minute online event. Hear directly from Club Esteem students and alumni about how Club Esteem changes lives by creating opportunities for youth to break free from the cycle of poverty and develop into healthy, productive, successful adults.  Registration is required to attend.

Club Esteem’s goal is to raise $100,000 through pre-event sponsorships and event-day donations. Sponsors who donate by 9/11/2020 will be listed as presenting sponsors with your name and a link to your business on electronic media.  In addition, Sponsors who donate $1000 or more will also receive logo placement on all media including: Pre-and post-event publicity emails to over 2000+ recipients, Rock the Quarantine virtual online event, Club Esteem website, Brevard Business News, and Social media.

Support for students and their families during this time is critical. We need your help to ensure Club Esteem’s sustainability. Please donate today!


(as of 9/7/2020)


Mr. Bud & Dr. Kim Deffebach

Mr. Scott & Mrs. Monica Mikuen



Mr. Don & Mrs. Catherine McGee/Mr. Michael & Mrs. Cassandra Welch

Mr. Richard Ballentyne

Ambal, Inc. – Dr. Ravindran Palaniyandi & Mrs. Ambika Ravindran

Mr. Bill & Mrs. Lisa Troner



Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Kaye Cantrell

Injury Care Clinic – Dr. Joseph Slattery




Dr. Harry & Mrs. Mary Deffebach

Mr. Bryan & Mrs. Jessica Cates

Mr. Bobby & Kiristin Eggett

Mr. Mitch & Mrs. Beth Evander

Hamilton Masonry – Mr. Gray & Mrs. Tami Hamilton

Mr. Bob & Mrs. Loran Morse

Pinnacle Eye Center – Mr. Costas & Dr. Regine Pappas



Mr. Jim & Mrs. Pam Bress

Mr. Dave & Mrs. Penny Duthie

JW Edens & Company Insurance – Mr. Scott Steele

The Lice Fairy – Mrs. Patricia LaGala

Ms. Vedrana Rossi