Vision Dinners


Whether you are a long-time Club Esteem supporter or a new advocate for our mission, we want to share our vision with you!

Hosting a vision dinner is a wonderful way to invite your friends into the world of Club Esteem. Over a shared meal or drinks, after connecting and catching up, you (or a staff member from Club Esteem) can share stories of impact and future goals with all in attendance. Printed materials will be provided for guests to take home, and everyone will be invited to stay connected via email.

We aspire to create no-pressure, impactful connection opportunities as we continue to grow community awareness about Club Esteem!

“Food can be a vehicle for social change. It brings people together in a way that very few other activities can.”


Ready to Host? Follow the simple steps!
1. Choose your location. Host at home or at your favorite restaurant. Plan a three-course meal or opt for a happy hour. The choice is yours! 
2.  Choose your date and send your invitations via text or email. Invitation Template
3. Request materials. Send us an email requesting materials for your event! We would also love to attend, so please send us the time and location and we’ll let you know if a staff member is available! 
4. Spread the word. If you’re active on social media, we’d love for you to take pictures at your Vision Dinner and share them on social media. You may inspire someone to host their own! 
For more information please contact or Director of Business Development, Akili Phillips at or 321-372-4585.