Make your cryptocurrency gift to Club Esteem

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”


    1. After school in Florida, 1 in 5 kids are left alone and unsupervised. Club Esteem serves students from over 20 schools in Brevard County and aims to serve more students in 2022.
    2. 71% of students attending after school programs in Florida are engaged in STEM learning. Club Esteem students have access to STEM classes during the school year and summer. We aim to expand our offerings in 2022 and enhance our 3D printing capabilities.
    3. The national average graduation rate for black students is 79% and the average for low income students is 79.5%. Club Esteem high school seniors hold a 100% high school graduation rate.
    4. Black students who have one black teacher are more likely to go to college. The majority of Club Esteem alumni site the diverse staff and mentors they have access to at Club Esteem as a major reason they attended college. 
    5. Two in five low income households have limited access to computers and the internet. Club Esteem students have access to a computer lab, laptops and tablets.